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Credit Fee In Different Private Univeristy In Bangladesh


BRAC University Credit Fee - Per Credit  BDT 6000 For All Program (EMBA/BMB- 6500)

North South University Credit Fee - Per Credit BDT 6000

Independent University Bangladesh Credit Fee - Per Credit BDT 6000 (Existing Stdnt 5500)

Ahsan Ullah University of Science and Technology Credit Fee - Per Credit BDT 5000

American International University of Bangladesh Credit Fee - Per Credit BDT 5000 

New Ranking of Private University of Bangladesh Releasewd and Updated by 11 November 2017

Bangla Tribiun - Dhaka Tribiun Private University Ranking 2017 : [adToAppearHere]

First - BRAC University

Second - North South University

Third - Independent University Bangladesh

Fourth - Ahsan Ullah University of Science and Technology

Fifth- American International University of Bangladesh

Tution Fee For Businees and Economics Undergraduate Programs of DIU (Daffodil International University)

Faculty of Business & Economics
Undergraduate Programs

4 years
4 years
4 years
4 years
4 years

Admission Requirement For BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration Of UIU (United International University)

Every applicant, without any exception, must fulfill the admission requirements as laid down by UIU. A higher secondary certificate or its equivalent in science, arts, commerce or other fields of study is the basic educational requirement. Candidates having at least GPA of 2.50 in SSC and HSC or equivalent are eligible to apply for admission in BBA program. Candidates who have passed at least 5 papers in GCE “O” Level (with Mathematics as one of the subjects) and two papers of “A” Level may also apply provided they have obtained 2.5 points (weighted average) in both O & A level computed according to the following scale: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 and E=1.

Applications will, however, be evaluated on the basis of both previous academic achievements and UIU admission test scores. Admission test will consist of a written examination on language, mathematics and analytical skills, followed by an interview conducted by the UIU. A student having a minimum score of 1000 in (with a minimum of 400 in verbal) SAT 1 may not require to take the BBA admission test (written) administered by the university. But all the students must appear before a personal interview as a part of the admission requirements.

 A student must have obtained at least a grade of B or equivalent in a similar course from any reputed university/institution for course waiver/transfer. A student may be allowed maximum course waiver up to 60 credit hours (20 courses) based on the recommendation of the course equivalence committee.

The BBA degree requirements are as follows:
  • Completion of minimum 40 courses (120 credit hours)
  • Completion of the internship/project program with at least a ‘C’ grade.
  • Passing of all courses individually and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.00.
Duration of the program: 4 years (12 Trimesters)
Total credits : 123
Major areas : 6
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Management Information System (MIS)
Core Business Courses
 69 credits
General Education (GED) Courses
 24 credits
Open Elective Courses
 09 credits
Major Elective Courses
 18 credits
  03 credits
123 Credits 

Microbiology Subject in Top Private University of Bangladesh and Contact No of Private University

BRAC University :
BSc in Microbiology
136 Credit
Application Deadline 30 October 2017 11.00PM of Spring 2018
Admission Test 3 November 2017 Time 11.00PM
Class Start January 7, 2018 (All Program)
Contact - 029844051

North South University (NSU) :
BSc in Microbiology
120 Credit
Contact - 0255668200
Application Deadline 22 November 2017 of Spring 2018
Admission Test 24 November 2017 Time 10.00AM

Present Ranking of Top Private University In Bangladesh 2017

  1. North South University (NSU):
North South University is the first private university of Bangladesh. NSU established in 1992 and approved under Private University Act, 1992 by the government of Bangladesh.
  1. BRAC University:
BRAC University is a private university in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The university was established in 2001 by BRAC under the Private University Act, 1992. BRAC University had first convocation in January 2006.

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Computer Science and Engineering Subject C++ Question Sample

MCQ Questions Of C++ With Answers
1. When a function is defined inside a class, this function is called ………….
A) Inside function
B) Class function
C) Inline function
D) Interior function

2. Which of the following cannot be passed to a function?
A) Reference variable
B) Arrays
C) Class objects
D) Header files

3. State true of false.
i) We cannot make the function inline by defining a function outside the class.
ii) A member function can be called by using its name inside another member function of the same class, this is known as nesting of member function.
A) True, True
B) True, False
C) False, True
D) False, False

4. Which of the following operators could be overloaded?
A) Size of
B) +
C) +=
D) ::

5. Which of the following is true about the static member variable in C++.
i) It is initialized to zero when the first object of its class is created. Other initialization is also permitted.
ii) It is visible only within the class, but its lifetime is the entire program.
A) i-True, ii-True
B) ii-False, ii-True
C) i-True, ii-False
D) i-False, iii-False

Computer science and engineering subject and courses

Computer science and engineering subject and courses  :  PART-2

CSE 481e: Capstone Software: UrbanSim UrbanSim Capstone
CSE 481g: Capstone Software: Distributed Systems Distributed systems capstone.
CSE 481h: Capstone Software: Accessibility Accessibility capstone.
CSE 481i: Sound Capstone Sound Capstone
CSE 481k: Capstone Software: Designing Tech. for Resource-Constrained Envs. Students form interdisciplinary project groups to scope and design projects for resource-constrained environments. The emphasis is on group work leading to the creation of testable realizations and completion of initial evaluations of the software and hardware artifacts produced. Students work in inter-disciplinary groups with a faculty or graduate student manager. Groups document their work in the form of posters, verbal presentations, videos, and written reports.

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More Than 1000 Posts are available in ICT field

Computer Science and Engineering

Circular From BPSC

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Subjects Flow Is Increasing Rapidly

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Subjects Flow Is Increasing Rapidly  :

Introduction :
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Subject is one of most important subject in the world. No alternate subject is available to make a Digital World. Now a days in every sector IT related function is increasing day by day. At home and abroad in the most common organization IT related function and activity is going on. In Bangladesh also everyday thousand of people are trying to be digital.

Top University In USA

Top University In USA :
1) State University of New York
2) City University of New York
3) Montana State University
4) University of California 
5) Texas University
6) Murray State University
7) Fullerton University
8) Southern California University

Computer Science Study at Abroad Top University

Computer Science Study at Home and Abroad :

Computer Science and Engineering subject is now a first priority subject in the world. At home and abroad there are many kinds of university 

Subject : Computer Science and Engineering

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